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  • The Flawless Championship Series is back!

    -email- (Frozensand)

    The Flawless Crew will help you get through the winter with a brand new edition of the Urban Terror Championship Series!

    This time, not one but two competitive cups have been created - a Team Survivor and a Capture the Flag league. Don't miss out on the great return of competitive CTF!

    Signups close on the 20th of January (this Friday!). Don't think twice. Gather your clan and register on the Flawless Discord server below.

  • Merry Christmas and happy new year 2023

    -email- (Frozensand)
    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..!
    (please don't sue me)

    We are nearly at the end of 2022, this is the special time of the year when everyone needs to focus on their friends and loved ones, reflect on experiences and what has been achieved, and overall, plan ahead with grace.

    It is pleasing for us to report that 2022 has seen a lot of development activity directed specifically at closing off many of the issues the QA team have logged, some useful Unreal Engine updates have been implemented, and we have replaced some default engine code to overcome a few gaps in its functionality that caused some ongoing issues. With this in mind, we are looking forward to bringing you some very exciting news during 2023.

    We at FrozenSand wish you all a Merry Christmas full of rest and kind thoughts, and Happy New Year for 2023.
  • Support the Urban Terror development on Tipeee!

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    Urban Terror now has a Tipeee page!

    What was originally a Tipeee page to support the developer Barbatos has become a page to support Urban Terror!

    For as low as a 1€ one-time or monthly recurring tip, you will get exclusive monthly perks such as development news and behind-the-scenes development screenshots and videos. Other perks include getting special access to a private channel on the official UrT Discord server to chat with the FS developers and watch live streams of UrT5 tests, or getting thanked in the game credits of the upcoming Urban Terror 5.

    The tips collected will go exclusively towards funding the servers that host the Urban Terror website, auth system, master servers, UrT5 development and build machines.

    Thank you all for your support!
  • Wishing an Urban Terrorfying Halloween to you all...

    -email- (Frozensand)

    Don't forget, you can join us on the official Urban Terror Discord.
  • Happy New Year from FS!

    -email- (Frozensand)

    The Frozen Sand team wishes everybody a Happy New Year

    In the past year, Urban Terror celebrated its 21st birthday, and with that, we've made a small tribute to the history of UrT.

    We also released the mapping plugin for Urban Terror 5: Resurgence, so community mappers could start learning and creating maps in UE4 for the next generation of this fantastic game.

    And finally, here are community events you might be interested in. Happy fragging!

    New Year's LAN 2022

    Arrival window open until 22:00 CET
    Chasing that good old LAN feeling, we stock up on beer and cheese doodles, turn our mics on (not mandatory), and clear our schedule for an evening of Urban Terror epicness. All skill levels are welcome of course. Rough schedule in CET:

    18:00 Gun Game warm-up, virtual PC rigging
    19:00 LAN Wars, CTF & TS up to 8v8
    22:30 LAN Clench! Mini Tournament w/smaller teams

    In the "Virtual LAN room" channel there will be a stream of gameplay, info, setup pics and more. So, let's play some UrT and meet new and familiar teammates in voice chat!

    Event Link: https://discord.gg/ZsnsWjej?event=920246002164858890

    🎉 As we announced, we are officially launching the Urban Terror World Cup 2k22 (UTWC)!

    👑 Captain applications already open in this channel: #captain-application
    All application information is listed here, including eligibility, how to apply, and country merges.
    If you need more information, do not hesitate to pm me. If any information is missing, I will edit the initial message to share it with the community.

    🗣️ I leave you to discuss and begin preparing within your communities for this exciting international competition!

    🇫🇷 France is our current World Champion... who will succeed in 2022 ? 😏 🏆

    🎙️ Come and join Flawless if it's not done yet : discord.gg/DBJjn3erzz

    The Flawless Crew
  • Wishing you all a Ghoulish Halloween

    -email- (Frozensand)

    This Halloween weekend! grab your LRs, stock up on nades, and prepare to defend your life from the... whispering undead.

    Get online for fun with the community in some of the Halloween themed games:

    Risen From Ashes are putting the Terror into UrT with their Halloween themed map rotation!

    Map rotation: risenfromashes.us/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=768
    Server: urbanterror.info/servers/

    Become an Urban Gamer for a night, defend your might, your skill and most importantly, your living-dead teammates.

    When: Friday 2021-10-29 @ 22:00 CEST
    What: InstaGib cTF
    Where: /connect

    Let's repeat the fun with some intense InstaGib CTF (Infinite Stamina and Wall Jumps)

    Everyone is welcome!
    Join us on voice "General Chat"

    Fun with Flags Halloween Edition is here!
    You love to be scared?!
    Come and play with us this Halloween night, if you dare!
    We’ll have a fun and scary special Halloween mapcycle. Get ready for some Trick or Treat!
    Date and time: 2021.10.31. 22:30 CEST (UTC+02:00)
    Server: /connect ns2.sexyurban.net
    Meet and greet us on Discord, use our voice channels and chat with us!

    Although we do not support or recommend that server admins edit the logic of their servers, we cannot neglect the fact that the community loves some of these changes, so feel free to check out the Zombie modes!

    |EsP| Zombie9:
    And there are probably more 🔥

    Don't forget, you can join us on the official Urban Terror Discord.
  • Flawless league announcement

    -email- (Frozensand)

    "Flawless" , a new Urban Terror 5v5 competition platform is now live !
    This competition is based on discord. The bot Alfred manages everything on the discord server (teams, roster, signups, scheduling, etc…).

    What's the goal ?
    This is a brand new competition platform, our goal is to organize seasons periodically, as Clanbase did in the past and as Urban Zone still does today.
    However, we wanted to add our perspective to the competitive scene, that's why our competitions will be TS + CTF.

    For us, to be elected as "the best team" you have to be challenged on the game modes that represent this game the most.

    Team Survivor and Capture The Flag are the DNA of Urban Terror, and that's why we want to keep them both, and don't split them into two different leagues.

    Moreover, we will try to stream as many games as we can, so follow us ! (we're still looking for some streamers to join our staff).

    Find us on Twitter, Twitch and Youtube

    Urban Terror Championship Series - Fall 2021 is now live !
    Sign up now ! [01/09 - 12/09]
    Just follow the instructions on our #welcome channel to be registered and create your team on our discord server : discord.gg/DBJjn3erzz

    Then you'll find a channel called "Signup" to be part of the UTCS Fall 2021 (take a look in channel #rules before signing up)

    Be sure to be ready!

    Flawless Crew.

  • Urban Terror 5 Mapping Plugin

    -email- (Frozensand)
    To help mark twenty one years of Urban Terror, we are pleased to announce the release of the Urban Terror 5 Mapping Plugin for Unreal Engine 4.

    The Plugin provides the necessary configuration changes to align functionality of the Engine with that of Urban Terror 5, and, a selection of custom Editor Assets (like Entities in Radiant) that provide Urban Terror 5 specific in-game features, such as, Player Spawns and CTF Flags.
    A demo Level is also provided, which shows and explains the use of each of the included assets.

    For mappers who take the time to start developing maps for Urban Terror 5, to a good initial standard, we will host submissions for our QA Team to test and provide feedback, and subject to approval, membership on the QA Team as a Mapper, to enable offline solo, or online group testing, while the map is being developed.

    The full list of assets in this beta release includes: Door, Container, Spline, Activate Trigger, Overlap Trigger, Random Trigger, Shoot Trigger, Media Manager, Material Manager, Animation Manager, Damage Volume, Location Volume, No Drop Volume, Jump Pad, Jump Timer, Teleport, CTF Flag, Player Start, and even an AI template with AI Rat example.

    Usage instructions and download link can be found on our Documentation Pages here: Mapping Plugin Documentation

    Join us on the official Discord for discussion and support.
  • Urban Terror's 21st Birthday!

    -email- (Frozensand)
    Today is the 20th of August 2021 and Quakecon 2021 is in progress.
    21 years ago the Urban Terror was released on Quakecon 2000. So that means...

    🎉 Urban Terror is 21 years old today 🍰

    Yay, but what it all means? Can UrT finally drink and drive? YES!
    Although, is this the important part?


    21 years have passed...


    ... that is a long time and a lot had happened.

    What do you remember?

    What is your best memory throughout these past years? How many people you've met online? And how many became your friends? What was the map you had the most fun on? (even from the 4.1 days)

    Share your memories with us on the forum or on Discord.


    It has been a journey too for the FrozenSand team ... over 100 hobbyists and enthusiasts contributed to UrT's development. A lot of creative and unique souls have put their heart into UrT's DNA.

    Though, not just the developers contributed creatively. There are over 1 600 maps and their variants in the widely used map repository UrT.li . And the enormous number is a proof that mappers for sure had been busy as well.

    One nearly might forget about all the websites for clans and tournaments. Full of great art, articles and thriving community members on the forums. Or the modified game servers and other tools like B3 or Spunky. Every clan had created something extra just for their players.

    And not just creatively, many picked up the server administration related chores. Helped to create a welcoming environment for the new players. That is a very important part as well.

    But, when it comes to it. The greatest joy is from seeing a full server of players just enjoying the game. So while mentioning all of the different areas where people have contributed... it is more then fair to mention all of the players which prevailed and play UrT to this day. Since that is the reason why all of the folks above actually do what they do.


    Some players might not have been around right from the start. So the next section is for you. Prepare for 4:3 screen ratio!!

    The old UrT

    To really reflect UrT's origins and early 2000s we've compiled some nice videos that should illustrate what UrT looked like in the past. Since in 2021 we perceive it a bit differently. But more on that later.

    Jump through the videos, ignore the 2000s music and look for small changes and details like player skins, weapon models, radio call-outs ... etc. Let the nostalgia begin!

    youtube.com/watch?v=uxFCtk_Le_k 😄

    Also, it is interesting to listen to the original extended main menu music WHICH HAS LYRICS: reverbnation.com/markklem/song…
    (the best part starts around 5:45)
    🎵... remember the name ... Urban Terror ...🎵

    You might think: But the videos look very similar, what exactly is the big change? Keep in mind that the first version didn't have that complex movement as we have today. The videos are probably from 2.x so it looks more familiar, but not all aspects of the movement are present even there.

    Urban Terror 4.X

    The videos from the older version show how UrT felt and played.

    Compare it to this:

    Noticeably the players on this video have more tendency to move and this reflects how the UrT gameplay is like. The interesting part is that even a "little" features like wall jumping might change the way how players play the game.

    Roughly throughout the first 10 years of UrT's existence, it was enhanced with sprinting, ledge climbing, wall jumping and sliding. These iconic moves weren't in the game right from the start.

    And this trend continues to this day with the upcoming UrT 5 and its new features which enhance the UrT's movement formula. So to put it into other words... UrT is about adaptation and it always has been.

    Wrapping it up...

    To summarize this nostalgia rabbit hole, the past 21 years are telling a story about a long sprint rather than a race. It's a story about the legendary developers and the legendary community.

    We are glad to be a part of this 21-year-old journey and we are looking forward to how the future will unveil.

    Happy 21 y.o. 🎉 Don't drink too much.


    PS: Check back tomorrow to find a special news post, we got a surprise for all mappers!
  • Q&A Feedback - Part 4

    -email- (Frozensand)
    Question and Answers

    The forth and final instalment of Q&A feedback, happy reading...

    Will maps from previous versions of URT be convertible to the new version?
    Maps from previous versions or Urban Terror will not be compatible with Urban Terror 5: Resurgence, however, there is a process that community mappers can use to convert their previous work into Unreal format which can be used as a base to build on; this process requires a lot of work, but does allow for layouts to be converted one to one.

    Will we be able to create our own maps and release them?
    Members of the community will be able to continue creating their own maps for Urban Terror, a few examples of work-in-progress have been seen on the Discord #urt5-mapping thread, tools for creating maps are freely available, for example Blender and Unreal Engine.
    We've been working on a Mapping Plugin for Unreal Engine 4 which will provide all of the Urban Terror specific assets and features required for the map to function (spawns, flags, etc.), and it is currently being tested by the private alpha participants. A few of them are already working on custom maps for UrT5!

    Will smoke nades work the same as in UrT4.3 with the gun flashes visible?
    Smoke nades will work the same as they do in Urban Terror 4.3.

    What updates are planned for the game, like innovation / gameplay / game mode?
    We are experimenting with innovations in movement, and discussing options for new or altered game modes, but at this stage it is only ideas as we need to prioritize completing the base game first.
    Once the game is out, we plan to keep on improving it with regular releases. Thanks to Steam, the update mechanism for both servers and players will be extremely simple and will allow us to push updates frequently.

    What is planned for the radio system?
    The radio system voices / commands will be the same as those in Urban Terror 4 initially, but we plan on adding new voices in the future; the system is also being reviewed to make it both higher quality and more streamlined.

    Do you plan to do competitive things like UZ/NC
    As a development team, we will not be organising competitive leagues, though we will continue to support community organisation of leagues and events as we have done for the existing game over the years.

    Will we get a stats function when the map ends and on a website?
    We do want to implement some stats tracking in the future. We're currently focusing on the core game mechanisms, but it is definitely in our long-term to-do list.

    Will there be a Linux version released at the same time as the Windows version?
    The private alpha participants are already play-testing the Linux builds of the game, and we have game servers running on both Windows and Linux dedicated servers, so yes, a Linux version will be released at the same time as the Windows version :D

    How will urt5 stand in terms of server mods, will this still be a thing?
    With regard to server mods, the code modifications seen in the current version will not be available, though we might expose more features to server bots that allow some extra modifications.

    What is the requirement configuration for playing urt 5?
    The hardware requirements have not been finalized, one of the later process is optimizing the game and maps, but for now, if you are able to run Fortnite then you’re good to go.

    Will there be bots? Will they have AI with brain?
    We do plan to have bots and other AI, although we’re still looking for an AI programmer. If you are among those beats, please reach out to us!

    Will there be a permanent ban from the game, and will the old ban-list be continued?
    Server admins will be able to ban by Steam ID; it is also likely that the current IP ban list will be carried over.

    I would like to buy the rights of this game, for what price are you willing to sell?
    The rights to the game are not for sale.

    What will differentiate between urt 5 & urt 4, like cvars or sensitivity?
    Everything is different by default between UrT 4 & UrT 5, but we strive to implement compatible features and settings wherever it matters most (e.g. mouse sensitivity).

    Will there be cosmetic customisation options?
    Custom cosmetic things like clan tag, weapons, dance, emote and so on, are absolutely something that we'd like to do eventually, but it is very far down our list of priorities for the game!

    Will the new version have new administration features?
    For administration, we believe that the rcon system is extremely useful on a day-to-day basis, so we've ported it to UrT 5 and we plan to gradually improve it over time. Third party bots will still be able to fetch live information from the game too.

    You can find the original question threads here;
    > Forums
    > Reddit

    We hope you have found these questions and answers informative!

    Please join us on our Discord
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